Here are some notes from the AU meeting. First of all, it was recommended that meeting summary notes be provided. Also, messages will be sent to the group as Blind Carbon Copy so that the list of email addresses is not revealed. I hope this works as intended.

It was recommended that we have meetings scheduled for the year at the same date and time of the month. We think every 2 months is fine. The location could vary, but the date and time should be the same. The meetings will be posted at and in our Facebook group. We will work on this as soon as dates are provided. We will also provide agendas as best as possible.

An update on HB 121, the Bible Literacy bill, was provided. Siddique Malik and myself met with attorney Dan Canon who provided his professional opinion that as written the law is not unconstitutional. We would have to wait for violations before the law could be challenged, and even then we could probably only challenge the violations and not the law itself.

Rob Mattheu provided good information on charter schools. There will likely be an attempt to add vouchers and tuition tax credits to the bill next year, as well as attempts to exempt charter schools from testing. If you want to keep up to date on these developments and wish to write letters or make phone calls, feel free to join Save Our Schools Kentucky at and/or join the Facebook group by the same name.

It was requested that politicians be invited to our meetings. Numerous politicians have been invited to speak at our meetings. Unfortunately, most do not respond. Recently Sen. Gerald Neal, Rep Attica Scott, and Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith have been invited but have not been able to attend or did not reply.